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At McCoy & Atencio Family History, we provide you with guidance on your family history, their stories, and origin. We conduct ancestry research that can help you discover your family history over time. If possible, we’d love it if you could have as much information as you can ready to go before you get in touch with us – maiden names, grandparent’s family names, and any locations or dates are always a plus. The more information we have at the outset, the faster we can fill in the blanks about your ancestry. We are based in Las Vegas and you can get in touch with us on 7029187310.

Our Techniques

Our team of competent and experienced genealogists are wizards when it comes to extracting, compiling and examining the public records that have genealogical value. We’ve got experience dealing with many comprehensive records and resources that can provide useful information to trace your origins, and can even set the groundwork for you to get in touch with relatives you may never have known you had. There’s nothing better than bringing a family together by helping them to look back through their history.

Our Goals For Your Geneology

Each of our research projects is as unique as the family lines under study – there’s a wide gulf of possibilities regarding the availability of documents and records for the locations and dates that could be relevant to your family. We always work with our clients to focus particularly on the specifics that they’re looking for, and work to deliver insightful information that can help trace your ancestry throughout the relevant records. Before we begin, we’ll always talk to potential clients about the time that it will take for efficient and effective research to work – we want to deliver value for your money by setting realistic goals.


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